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Photography has been part of my life since I was a young teenager borrowing my Dad’s camera and trying to capture images of the natural world. My interest carried on through University and I brought photography into my studies wherever possible.

Many years were spent capturing images of water-sports and the beauty of the world around us but gradually friends and colleagues encouraged me to photograph their Weddings. Now, with the experience of more than two hundred Weddings, these are my priorities:

  • It’s your day, so you choose what you want me to do
  • Be as friendly as possible, after all it’s your Wedding Day!
  • Be quick and discreet
  • Capture the images that reflect the Wedding’s atmosphere
  • Offer professionalism and value for money
  • Never be the ‘control freak’ photographer

Apart from Weddings I photograph corporate and social events, do some commercial work and shoot water-sports photography. For fun I photograph nature and landscapes. I use top notch digital cameras and lenses and have lighting equipment to cover all eventualities. Basically I love taking photographs!

Based in Ashley Cross, Poole, Dorset I have photographed weddings throughout the south and south-west.


Normally my price range is £700 – £1,200. For 2021 I am offering a different pricing plan: Wedding Photography and Covid-19 – Pricing for 2021

What’s included:

  • Initial meeting (possibly Zoom) May be able to get some Engagement photos (for Wedding Invitations)
  • We discuss your plan and I’ll give you a cost estimate based on your estimated timings
  • I’ll attend on the Wedding Day as required, typically 1pm to 9pm (but I’ve covered weddings from 2 hours to 2 days)
  • I’ll process all the images as per your guidance (black & white etc) and deliver them to you within 2 weeks on a boxed memory stick. High resolution, no tricks
  • We can discuss Photo Books, prints etc as required
  • You’ll pay me! But remember for 2021 you will only pay for the photography you receive on the day = Flex Wedding Photography Package

The best way is to meet up and discuss your view of the Wedding Day. I can then give you an exact price, advise on timings and check that we get on OK!