The FLEX Wedding Photography Package


In 2021 you will pay for the wedding photography that you get on the day of your wedding

= Flexible Pricing

Couples planning to get married in 2021 may well have some concerns;

  • Maybe some restrictions will still be in place
  • People are worried about there jobs

With this in mind I have decided to adjust my approach to pricing to reflect these uncertain times;

  • So at one extreme you may not be able to get married due to restrictions, therefore you will pay nothing
  • Alternatively, you may (fingers crossed) be able to have the lush and extravagant wedding day of your dreams, when you will pay the agreed amount
  • Or of course anything in between, based on what happens on the day

Hence FLEX

The pricing is based on £150 per hour, all inclusive

All I will ask is that couples pay a non-refundable deposit of £100 to give us all some sense of commitment and loyalty

You will still get the normal package of high resolution processed images in colour, black and white, selective crops and some fancy effects (if you like that sort of thing)

Printed ‘Photobooks’, enlargements, hi-def video clips and a web site viewing and ordering service are available if required.

The best way is to meet up and discuss your view of the Wedding Day. I can then give you an exact price, advise on timings and check that we get on OK! If the timing and location works out we can even do some engagement photos at the same time (for your Wedding Invitations)