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Winter Weddings (and other bad weather) – Advice for Wedding Couples

Out walking in the snow in the Purbecks the other day thinking about photographing weddings at this time of year.

I think it is becoming increasingly popular for a few reasons;

  • it’s a bit different
  • more availability of venues, photographers etc
  • cosy, indoor feel

I’ve photographed a few weddings at this time of year  including the fantastic Babington House in Somerset and Lulworth Castle in Dorset.  Stunning locations both.  Many of my photos

I have a few words of advice.

Be prepared to start your wedding day earlier if you’re getting married in winter if it’s important to you to get any outdoor photos (weather permitting). If you leave the ceremony any time after 2pm ish you’re going to really run out of time for photos using natural light. A well-equipped digital photographer (like me!) can work in really low light levels, but there is a limit.

Bride and Groom huddle next to wall for warmth

Encourage the guests to huddle together too

Keep warm and keep close

All the time you’ve got to try to allow people to stay warm, I’ve often lent the Bride a coat, but when the light and warmth really go then everyone has to bail out for the bar and heat

That's better!

The Christmas Tree makes a great back-drop

Once thawed out its business as usual…

Other Bad Weather

In all the years I have photographed weddings I can think of only one day that the weather really had an impact. In an otherwise glorious ‘Indian Summer’ there was one day of torrential rain and at no point was it even remotely possible to go outside. This was a shame because the Wedding was at  the stunning Rhinefield House in the New Forest, famed for its fabulous gardens.  Not only that but the house interior is wood-panelled and very dark even on a bright day.  This is when a Wedding Photographer earns his/her money and you want to be in safe, experienced hands. The photos came out great, atmospheric and perfectly capturing the day.  What’s more is that the day will always be remembered by all and nobody would say that the weather spoilt the occasion in the slightest.

I have a few words of advice.

  • The weather will not ruin your wedding!
  • Be prepared for any weather (even in summer)
  • make reasonable ‘plan Bs’
  • and then forget about it!

Back soon……