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Wedding Shows in Poole and Bournemouth, Dorset

One of the obvious ways in which wedding couples choose their photography (and other) wedding services is the ‘Wedding Show’. Couples will see a variety of service providers and possibly fashion shows etc.  But there are many excellent photographers, florists, limousines drivers, cake makers, dress suppliers etc etc who don’t (or won’t) exhibit at these shows…. WHY?

It’s simple – there are a very restricted number of places available and they tend to be taken up very early by repeat exhibitors. Also the costs of exhibiting at such shows is astronomical and of course this is a cost eventually passed onto you, the client.  These are some of the reasons are why the service providers you will see at Wedding Shows are usually towards the top of the price scale and perhaps more of the traditional type (especially in photography). Many hotel-based Wedding Shows also recommend specific photographers, but their style may not be what you are looking for….

The organizers of the big Wedding shows are the only real winners taking a slice of the lucrative wedding business

Now for the advice bit; take your time when looking for wedding service providers, by all means try the big wedding shows (such as the one at the BIC) but also search for smaller ‘independent’ suppliers who are more likely to offer a more modern, individual service and probably better value for money. Any good supplier will be happy to spend time with prospective clients to make sure that the couples requirements and the photographers qualities/abilities match.

New and innovative wedding venues (such as the Hotel du Vin in Poole) are more likely to encourage a break with the traditional suppliers in favour of flexible, modern practitioners.

Of course I like to think of myself as one of these more innovative, customer oriented suppliers, but I would say that wouldn’t I!

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