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The Flex Wedding Photography Package

I have been thinking about this a lot over the last few months of very restricted or cancelled weddings due to Covid-19

For 2021 I am going to offer a wedding package with a big difference, based on a simple principle

You only pay for the photography you get

So if either your circumstances change or there are restrictions on the wedding arrangements, you will only pay for the photographic coverage you get. I’m calling it the Flex Wedding Photography Package. The intention is to take the worry of the unknown out of the equation

Think about the two extremes

  • All Good’ – the Wedding of your dreams, you’ll pay £150 per hour for the coverage on the day, all inclusive*
  • ‘Had to cancel/postpone’ -the nightmare scenario, you’ll pay NOTHING

Between the two extremes there are any number of options. Whatever happens you will only pay for the photography you get

All I ask is a £100 non-refundable deposit as a sign of commitment from us all

Fingers crossed for the full happy version, no restrictions and no worries

*All inclusive means; initial chat (portrait session), coverage on the day, processed images in colour and black&white, selective crops, full resolution images on memory stick

Wedding Book, use of client website and video clips available on request