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Megan and Harry

..had a big wedding. Charles and Di etc. Did it guarantee them happiness?

Have the wedding you want, it is not a show, it should only be big if you can afford it and there are lots of people you want to attend.

The great ARTY FOCUS
UK wedding Photographer
Mr and Mrs Excellent Vaughan

Actually, you don’t need to be married to have a great life. Shock, horror!

Some of the nicest weddings I have photographed have been the lowest cost, with DIY elements and without the trimmings that the wedding industry make sound indispensable. Spend your money wisely on what matters, not appearances.

Some photographers boast to make up to £10,000 from a fancy wedding. Others (me) hope to make £800-£1000 from effectively 2 days of stressful work, using around £5,000 worth of gear. Take your pick. Bear in mind that the expensive wedding photographers are aiming to work as little as possible and charge as much as possible, possibly paying students low rates for the editing done during the week between weekend weddings.

Lovely Chris and beautiful Goodrun

Many wedding photographers are part time ‘weekend-warriors’. I am. Until Covid-19 that is. The ‘full’-time guys have perhaps managed with self-employed SEISS grants, others (me) may have lost our weekly income and our weekend back-up. If I was getting married I would spend my wedding money very wisely. and use the self-timer on my iPhone