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Cathartic Process

Quite nice to be able to create content with no financial pressure.

Today I’m going to focus on wedding photography equipment

Canon make some great cameras and lenses, I’ve had my share. I’ll probably be selling them all soon, so if you like the look of any please get in touch

I have 3 cameras and about 10 lenses. Probably about £10k. Any sensible offers, say over £1000? (or whatever a new iPhone costs)

I reckon I can get an iPhone with 3 lenses now for the price of just one of my Canon lenses. And what an iPhone can do with the processing is incredible. So perhaps I can photograph a wedding for 50 quid. But then , you’ve probably got an iPhone too. After all 50 quid can buy you around 20 cups of delicious coffee.

I drink tea (1p per cup)