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As predicted

Beautiful day to photograph a wedding, with an iPhone

Gorgeous couple, traditional but funky

Stunning location, Sandbanks Beach on a sunny spring day

Incredible car, soft-top pale blue Rolls Royce

And iPhone

Hope it went well for them

Wonder if this will be the new normal

Did get me thinking about the value of an old-fashioned professional wedding photographer

I have often been a prompter, planner, advisor, carrier, speeder-upper, slower-downer, master of ceremonies, coat-lender, coordinator, hymn-advisor, venue-recommender, could-you-do-thiser, could-you-do-thater. All included in the price, as I am a human being that likes people and will do everything in my power to make their plans work out. Hope there’s an App for that
I too have an iPhone and other camera gear as well